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Wood Tile Flooring

Last month, we took on a big home project and replaced all the downstairs flooring with wood tile! This is something I have wanted to do for over a year. Mario and I are pretty handy, but considering our active schedules and the massive amount of work for a project this size, we decided it would be better to pay and have the tile installed.

We purchased porcelain wood tile from The Home Depot and chose the color Montagna Rustic Bay. The color is a beautiful mix of medium brown and gray. We selected a stain resistant grout in Natural Gray. We decided on wood tile flooring for several reasons, but mainly because we have dogs, this was the most durable and budget friendly option for us.

There was plenty of prep work we did ourselves to get the downstairs ready for the new flooring. In the front entry, we had real hardwood floors so we removed the baseboards and saved what we could to reuse after the tile floor was installed. This was important because the thickness of the hardwoods is much more than tile so we did not want a huge gap under the baseboards.

We also had a mixture of stained concrete, carpet, and tile in the remaining parts of the first floor. To save some money, we removed the carpet and hardwood flooring ourselves, and the installers sanded away the concrete stain and removed the kitchen tile.

During the tile installation, we played a little bit of musical chairs. Fortunately, we had the space upstairs for Mario and I to live temporarily. We moved what we could into the upstairs game room and the rest of the furniture was shuffled from room to room around the installers.

Now that the flooring is done, our entire first floor has been completely transformed. The flooring is beautiful, it is super easy to clean, and our house no longer smells like we have dogs, which is a HUGE win!


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Published by My Alarcon

My name is My (pronounced “me”) and I am the writer of House of Alarcon. I am a working soccer mom and wife, living in a suburb near Dallas, TX with my wonderful husband of 12 years, our two beautiful children, who are 14 and 10 years of age, and our four fur babies. My daily routine involves working a corporate job where I specialize in the IT industry and project management, taxiing my kids to soccer, and serving the community, all the while being a significant lifeline to my family. Some of my hobbies include home decorating, DIYing, baking, designing shirts, sewing, photography, and crafting.

One thought on “Wood Tile Flooring

  1. For sure this could take time to install. Wood tile flooring is different from other floorings because you must mix it with concrete and other stuff so that it will not be broken down easily. And the design of these wood tile flooring is different also.

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