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This past weekend, I found myself in the nesting mood as I was getting ready for a procedure this week. I was kid-free for a day and cleaned almost every inch of our house, knowing I would be out of commission for a few days.

I eventually made my way into the pantry, and before I knew it, I pulled everything out, threw away old and expired pantry items, and found myself at the store buying storage containers to clean up the mess I created.

I already had clear storage containers with lids for snacks but never seemed to have enough, and the clear rectangular bins never had enough room for all the canned goods. Bulk items, cereal, and bagged chips never had a real place. My pantry wasn’t horrible, but I felt it needed some work.


I ended up purchasing more clear storage containers with lids and found some large, printed storage bins that were perfect for storing bulky items.

After wiping down the shelves, and finally deciding on the best arrangement for my family, I settled on storing the clear containers on top for cereal, snacks, and pasta.

Below that, I have canned foods, jars, soups, and baking items. In the printed storage bins, I stored all of our bulky items like biscuit mix, bagged chips, and dried fruit.

Finally, the very bottom shelf of the pantry was reserved for small kitchen appliances.

All finished! I’m pretty happy with it turned out and hope it stays this way!


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Published by My Alarcon

My name is My (pronounced “me”) and I am the writer of House of Alarcon. I am a working soccer mom and wife, living in a suburb near Dallas, TX with my wonderful husband of 12 years, our two beautiful children, who are 14 and 10 years of age, and our four fur babies. My daily routine involves working a corporate job where I specialize in the IT industry and project management, taxiing my kids to soccer, and serving the community, all the while being a significant lifeline to my family. Some of my hobbies include home decorating, DIYing, baking, designing shirts, sewing, photography, and crafting.

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