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oVertone Review // Part 2

I started using oVertone about 2 months ago and have really grown to love it (read about my initial thoughts on it here). Since then, I’ve used oVertone’s Purple for Brown Hair conditioner, and also started experimenting with mixing colors.

I was happy with the gray coverage using the Purple for Brown Hair conditioner, and my dark brown tresses absorbed the color pretty well. I was amazed at how many compliments I received after going purple, but overall it was a bit too “purple” for me.

Alternatively, I decided to try mixing the Purple for Brown Hair conditioner with oVertone’s Chocolate Brown conditioner. I used a 50/50 mix of Purple for Brown Hair and Chocolate Brown and was much happier with the toned down purple! Gray coverage was still good and I have found that using their daily conditioner on a weekly basis to refresh the color has been sufficient.

After the results I’ve experienced, my daughter has been persistent about experimenting with oVertone’s colors as well. At such a young age, I’ve always been very reluctant to let her color her hair but since oVertone’s conditioners do not contain chemicals or harsh ingredients, I took the plunge and agreed to let her color a chunk of her hair using the Purple for Brown conditioner. She fell in love!

Fast forward a month later, and here I am with round 4 of using oVertone’s conditioners. I decided to experiment with oVertone’s Blue for Brown Hair and Espresso Brown.

oVertone Blue for Brown Hair + Espresso Brown coloring conditioners

Because the Espresso Brown is so much darker than Chocolate Brown, I opted for a much higher ratio of blue to brown. I ended up using an entire jar of Blue for Brown Hair with 1-2 tablespoons of Espresso Brown. I’m really glad I didn’t go overboard with the Espresso Brown because the color mixture turned up darker than I anticipated.

My mix of Blue + Espresso Brown conditioners

I applied the conditioner all over my dry hair and let it sit for 45 minutes. Half the color mixture was sufficient to cover all of my long hair, which is past half-way down my back. I used the rest of the mixture on my daughter’s hair. She has beautiful, THICK hair and only wanted the bottom 6 inches of her hair colored so we had plenty of conditioner to color her hair as well.

After thoroughly washing out the blue conditioner, I am surprised to say I love how the blue coloring turned out…more so than the purple! My hair definitely looks “darker” but in good lighting, you can see different shades of blue and I’m really loving it! The gray coverage is great, my previously bleached hair turned dark electric blue, and my natural dark tresses turned a beautiful midnight blue.

oVertone Blue for Brown Hair
I started using oVertone about 2 months ago and have really grown to love it.

My daughter’s hair turned a beautiful midnight blue as well, but in normal lighting, the color change is not as dramatic as she hoped so I think she’ll be sticking with the purple coloring conditioner next time.

My daughter’s hair in bright lighting

I definitely give oVertone two thumbs up so if you’re inspired to give it a try, you can receive $10 off your first purchase using this link. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments on your experience with oVertone below!

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