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My oVertone Review // Part 1

My dad blessed me with grays at a very early age. In high school, gray strands started becoming noticeable when I wore my hair up, but were not too obvious for the most part. 

By my late twenties I was already 25% gray. The grays were easy to cover up with a quick box dye treatment every 2 or 3 months. 

Fast forward to my late thirties. I can barely remember how old I am, and struggle to keep my grays tamed and hidden. My hair grows about an inch a month and trying to stretch my last treatment of box hair color to 6 weeks is pushing it. 

In an effort to blend my grays and extend the amount of time between color treatments, I decided to try highlights. As quick as my hair grows, maintaining blonde highlights got expensive, and left my hair dry and damaged. 

After venting to a co-worker about my hair woes, she told me about a conditioning product she previously tried called oVertone.

I’m always one to try new products so I checked out their website. My first impression was, “Woah, these colors are bright.” 

Now, if you’ve never heard of oVertone, their product line consists of pigmented conditioners that transform your hair to vibrant colors. Their semi-permanent conditioners are ammonia and chemical free. In addition to bright colors, they also offer a Basics line that consists of more natural colors. 

For about 3 months, I considered trying oVertone, but always hesitated because I was afraid of the vibrant color change, and was unsure if the pigments would cover my grays. Since the pigments are semi-permanent, I finally told myself I had nothing to lose and just went for it. 

I took the plunge but was so indecisive about what color selection to choose. In addition to their variety of colors, oVertone offers several shades of each color—pastel, vibrant, extreme, and for brown hair. 

After much debate, I eventually decided to settle on pastel purple. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I figured a pastel shade would be subtle on my blonde highlights so if I didn’t like the result, the color wouldn’t be such a big deal. 

Although backordered, the Pastel Purple Complete System products arrived in less than a week from the date I placed my order. The products came neatly wrapped in tissue paper and boxed with instructions and a cap. 

I sectioned my hair and applied the coloring conditioner to dry hair for extra saturation. I wrapped my head in the provided cap and let the conditioner sit for 30 minutes. I rinsed my hair with cool water and styled as usual. 

My blonde streaks absorbed the color pretty well but since my hair is naturally dark brown, the rest of my tresses did not take the color at all. As for my grays, they barely had a light tinge of pastel purple.

So all in all, I am disappointed the pastel purple did not absorb into all of my hair as expected. However, I do LOVE the shade of purple that my blonde highlights turned into! oVertone is definitely promising for my hair so I’m not giving up! 

I went ahead and ordered the purple shade for brown hair, which contains more color pigments than the pastel purple. I can’t wait to give it a try. Stay tuned for my results! 

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